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    Mikey my pilgrim gander is 10 months old and has started trying to mate with my 7 months old toulouse goose. I caught them last week in the pool and again yesterday. They were so funny. I'm not sure they even have the hang of it yet. I have always penned them together (my pilgrim gander and toulouse gander and 2 female toulouse) but last night when I penned them and walked away I heard a loud scuffle taking place. I went to see what was going on and my pilgrim gander was beating up on my toulouse gander and I had to seperate them. I put the toulouse gander and 1 of the females in another pen.
    This morning I took a marking pen to mark the one of the girls so I would know which girl was with which boy. When I went into the pen to pick her up the gander started hissing at me. I didn't turn my back on him but I got her. He didn't want to back up but he did. Then I started yelling for my husband to open the door and get him out of there because I was a little nervous.
    I have heard they don't lay the first year. Is this true?
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    They lay their first year but typically the fertilization rate is less than 50%. My youngsters have started also. Stand your ground with the males or they will get you. Good luck!
  3. I can tell if my ganders are feeling their oats a bit -- they linger at the back of the flock, closest to me, and give me the eye with their neck all stretched out. If they linger too long within arms reach, I grab them and pick them up and carry them around with me for awhile. Generally that reminds them that I'm the boss and they back off. I've read that if they are really being a pain that you can turn them upside down on your lap for awhile and that has a good effect -- my ganders seem to be very respectful without that so far, but I'm holding it in reserve depending on how they do this spring . . . there's a great post somewhere on here about disciplining geese . . . it is well worth reading!
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    I have a young Chinese/African gander, RC, who is beginning to feel his oats...he was chasing Rampage, my Toulouse gander, yesterday...Rampage was running for his life from the much smaller upstart RC...RC was feeling pretty pleased with himself but as he turned away from Rampage with his wings out all puffed up with ego, he wasn't looking where he was going and did a royal face plant into one of the kiddie pools...I and the ducks and geese in the flock just about busted a gut laughing at him...he spent an hour or so sitting under the peach tree talking to himself trying to relocate his ego...geese are some of the funniest "people" I have ever seen...

    All the ganders are getting a little hissy but I find them amusing rather than intimidating...the tongue wagging in their hissing mouths is hilarious and they put on such a show until I hold out my arms with a bigger wing span than they have and walk toward them hissing...they always find something else to do with their time at that point...

    You just have to love those naughty boys...

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