Geese vs Ticks


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Oct 12, 2010
I don't see any posts on here, so I am afraid I already know the answer. My front yard is becoming over run with ticks. I have chickens in my very back yard where the geese, ducks, chickens free range...and to the best of my ticks. But in the front yard, we are all becoming exhausted with the battle. Although it is fenced all the way around, it is not feasible to have the chickens in the front. For the same reasons Guinea fowl would not be feasible either. BUT I do have three extra geese from my hatchlings last spring, that I am at a loss of where to place at the moment anyway. I sold several as pets last year, but now with the holidays coming, people are starting to look at them a little different. So I have slowed down my search dramatically. At any rate, I read once before I got the geese that while they were primarily herbivores, eating grass and weeds, that they would eat whatever they could catch. Does anyone know? Will they eat the ticks too? Sorry for rattling on...
Will they? A little... maybe. Will they actively hunt them out and eradicate them the way other fowl do? Nope. Not at all. They're grazers. They eat some bugs and such in the course of grazing, but they're not out there looking for bugs and they don't consume them purposely in large quantities.

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