Geese with bite wounds

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    Well, I am now the not so proud owner of a goose chaser! I am not happy. I need some help with this. Both my pilgrim and my white chinese were viciously attacked by our house dog. YES a house dog, a miniature Schnauzer. Sweet little Emma

    Here is where I am at. I have brought them into the infirmary...AKA the downstairs bathroom and hooked up a heat lamp over them and they are in the tub for now. I called the vet and he said to clean the wounds with peroxide and then spray them lightly with iodine diluted with rubbing alcohol. He also said to not let any of this get in the open cavities that little sweet natured killer Emma made. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    What it looks like happened is that the geese tried to get away from Emma and she of course chased them like most active dogs do and she got them by the back end and just kept going. One got away and the other got in the way. anyway here is what i have, anyone got any other ideas of what to do to help them out?
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Edit to change title. Please note the OP is not asking for comments or advice on the dog!
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    Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that! [​IMG]
    Did one of them lay the egg that we are trying to hatch?
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    I would stay away from peroxide,and use an iodine solution instead..they dont look real bad from the pics,I have seen birds way worse come out good luck..I had a 6 lb mini doxie kill 2 runners once,they were in a 3 foot high fence out the living room window,and I saw her climbing the fence,by the time I ran to the door and around the house she had killed 2 and was working on the third.that fast..she got a butt whooping for that,and never touched another.
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    I agree with Laurie... was with Betadine and then use iodine tea (Diluted iodine) with a spray bottle. Keep them in a dark place and warm. Keep an eye out for infection.
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    My son's mini doxie took a huge bite out of a 5 month old BO last year. She had a large wound about 4 inches in diameter above her tail. The dog had removed all the feathers and skin. I think she even lost her oil gland. I kept her warm, isolated and clean. I washed the wound everyday with diluted betadine, kept it moist with polysporin and administered amoxicilian by mouth. She healed in a couple of months and the only lasting evidence of the damage is a slightly crooked tail!
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    Quote:Yes the smaller one on the left laid the big egg Michelle!
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    Our little house dog (French Bulldog) did the same thing, she got out and killed 2 geese, and seriously injured two others. They were only about 4-5 months old, so even though they were pretty big, they were not mature or at all aggressive. I was so upset. She had slipped out and no one noticed she she was out for about 10 minutes before we realized it.

    She jumped on top of them and grabbed them by their necks. The one was injured pretty bad, but was survivable, the other I thought was dying and almost put her down. Her neck had no feather left in a huge area, probably 8-10" spot and at least half the muscle and skin was ripped away. You could see some of the neck bones. It was awful. The only reason I didn't put her down, was I just couldn't do it myself and my husband was out of town. I cleaned it gently and then sprayed blu kote on it. I resprayed it when needed and applied neosporin whenever it looked dry. She did have some problems eating for a while, I think her throat was swollen, so I spoke to my vet, and he gave me some anti-inflammatories for her and that seemed to help.

    It finally healed, she has even got her feathers back and she is as sweet as ever. She does has some nerve damage that affects one eye (it droops a bit) but other than that, she is perfect. I would never have believed she would live. I am so glad I gave her a chance.
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    OK update....I have cleaned the wound, sorry bout the peroxide but I had already cleaned when you said not to use it...I think the vet just wanted to get the grossest stuff killed off. He did say not to continue on the peroxide...just clean once. then use the iodine diluted spray daily on the wounds.

    The pilgrim goose i am 100 percent certain will come out of this easily. The chinese goose has puncture wounds and you can hear her breathe through the holes. NOT GOOD! She also acts like she needs to expel an egg but is prolly too weak to do so. URGH
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    Sending good vibes your way...
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    Update and WOW news to me.

    First of all the Chinese white goose did not make it. I died about 20 minutes ago. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    That was DD's State Fair champion. She is so upset and so am I. Even though she was a meanie and wanted to take bites out of your back thigh muscle or anything else in the posterior region. She was beautiful and graceful and so well put together.
    Second of all SHE was a HE....Yes call me bad but I had to know. SOOO the jumbo eggs we have been getting came from our pilgrim goose which evidently is not a pilgrim goose. She is all white with a saggy middle of the leg section...Anyone know what kind she is, maybe an Ebden goose?

    Third ....She is doing good, drinking and still stressed but doing good. she did not have any OPEN wounds just surface stuff but still needs to be clean

    Fourth anyone need a good Registered Schnauzer female. DH said she is outta here. [​IMG] I don't blame him really. I cannot have a dog that viciously attacks the ducks and chickens. She is great with other dogs and cats and people and kids. DD paid good for her but she has to go.
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