Gender - 5 weeks. (Wheaten Ameraucana, Black Copper Marans, OE)


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Hi Everyone! Our broody mamma who hatched these eggs has officially kicked the new chicks to the curb (so to speak).
I'm curious what genders we have here:

Wheaten Ameraucana #1. Slightly smaller than #2, but otherwise too identical at this point to tell them apart.

I believe this is the BCM (Although it could be the OE?). This one has a tail, and black butt fuzz.

Wheaten Ameraucana #2. By far the most adventurous of the group, but still needs to be coaxed in with treats to get close to me.

I think this is the OE. It's a BC1 I believe. Mother was OE (BCMxWhAM) Father was BCM.
Has some copper on neck, but more blotchy than the first one. This one also is not growing tail feathers like the others and has yellowish butt fuzz :)

Sorry for my ugly body parts in the pictures. The chicks are still a bit skittish around people (raised 100% free range by mama hen.) but slowly coming around now that they realize I'm the one with treats :)
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Those are all cockerels. Those combs are just to red for 5 week old pullets. And your wheaton Ameraucana have the typical flashy colors of a male wheaten. Girls are a gentle blend of cream and buff.
I'm not familiar enough with true Wheaten Ameraucanas to state with certainty, but I agree that they don't match the color type of the Wheaten girl...however I don't think they match the Wheaten male either...but I've not raised them. If they aren't true Ameraucanas but EE's, then I would say 1st Wheaten is probably male due to red comb and 2nd might be female...otherwise the coloring may be telling if they are true Ameraucanas as the other poster stated.

Your BCM is bird #2...copper hackles...your OE is all black and bird #4. I currently have an OE of BCM/Isbar that looks similar. Her comb is still quite small and pale at 8 weeks....and yours do look very suspicious especially as Marans telecast early...BUT....

Take a look at my BCM's down below in my signature line. There is 1 male and 2 females. They broody hatched in late December (of last year). One of the females (the copper necked one, last photo before eggs) had me a bit worried, but she laid by 16 kidding...due to maturing in lengthening daylight as she grew (which stimulates the pituitary to release hormones to stimulate the ovary earlier) This happens with natural hatching under a broody in natural daylight when hatched in late winter/early spring. I don't see this pronounced difference in broody hatched chicks that hatch mid summer or fall, when the days are shortening, but I have witnessed it several times with January to March hatches....the females maturing very quickly, and the males as well, with combs that get large and red fast.

Having said that, your BCM and OE could be pullets as while their combs are redder, and larger, they are not as red and large as the comparable BCM roo in daylight lengthening conditions.

I'd watch and wait...and hope for early eggs as a possibility....but be prepared for roo's.

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The first Wheaten Ameraucana is a cockerel, based on redness of comb. The second Wheaten Ameraucana may be a pullet. The BCM (with orangish neck feathers) appears to be a cockerel. I'm leaning towards cockerel on the OE, too.
Hate to say this, but.... they all look like cockerels.
Well this is disappointing. This is our first time hatching chicks and it would have been nice to be able to keep at least ONE of them. Of course I'll wait long enough to be certain, but sheesh!

I'd be OK keeping one of the AMs if it's a boy, but only if he's well mannered and shows no signs of aggression to my kiddos.
Three clear rows at 5 weeks is further confirmation of cockerel.

What if my chick seemed to only have one row peas until this week....11 weeks old. Just starting to get some pink this week too. It's a hatchery ameraucana (supposed to be pure bred and it cost a lot more then my other chicks) and I ordered all pullets... I ordered her specifically for blue eggs...I'll be really disappointed if she is a he and I have to give him away.

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