Gender bender- hen with spurs????????


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Feb 6, 2009
Okay gang, answer me this one: Are there any breeds of chickens that throw hens with spurs?

We have a 14 mo. old hen and noticed that she has spurs. We have a number of hens & get alot of eggs. We have noticed her in the nest boxes, although no one can testify to watching her lay. Also, a week or so ago, I saw her get into a nest box with a flockmate & 'Hump" her. This hen appears to be a black Andalusian.

What do y'all think???????
Actually, it's a very common thing and yes, in my flock, it's genetic. My Brahmas, Australorps and Minorcas (similar to Andalusian) were the worst about throwing them but it's really not a huge deal. Not even a small deal.

ETA photo of one of the Minorca pullets:

Fancy only had a little "nub" of a spur, but her mother had the same spur on the right side, but was 1/2" long.
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Hello, I am new to this website. I have a seabright bantam, 3 black frizzle bantams, a black cochin bantam, a white frizzle, two white ones that I have no idea what they are and another that was black and brown and as it has turned older it is starting to get white spots. Also I have no idea what sex any of my chicks are. I got them when they were about a week old and that was a couple of days before Easter, so they are about 8 weeks old. If I posted pics of my babies could any of you tell me what I got?
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I understand that sometimes, hens can take on the "role" of the rooster. I have one of these, with short spurs and a fondness for mounting one of her fellow hens. She's old feral stock, so I don't know what her genetics are.
I know I'm a little late, but it looks like a hens to me. I was told that roosters always have pointed feathers on the head and tail where the hens' feathers are rounded at the end.

Many of my hens will double up in the nests when they lay, even when there is only one hen already in the nest boxes. They just climb in and climb on top of the other hen to move her to the side. I have 13 hens, 5 nests (all loaded with fake eggs), but I guess they just have a strong preference for their spot.

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