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Gender concerns and LF or Bantam? <Pic heavy>

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by popsicle, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. popsicle

    popsicle Songster

    I got six chicks out of pullet bins at the feed store (hatchery: Welp/Privett). I've been concerned for some time that one is a cockerel, maybe more. Please, let me know what you think.

    Also, my Dark Brahma has always been a smaller than the other birds, and a little late to feather out. Either she is a bantam (and cockerel? EEK!) or she came into the store a few days later than the others. I'm pretty sure they weren't labeled as bantam. What do you think?

    ETA: considering when I got them, I estimate about 5 weeks.

    The whole group:

    Jersey Giant (not sure about pullet, first time with this breed):


    Light Brahma (I'm thinking cockerel):

    Dark Brahma (bantam or younger LF?):


    California White:
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  2. popsicle

    popsicle Songster

    Darn, sorry about the size. If anybody would like larger versions of any pictures let me know and I'll post it again.
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  3. Pele

    Pele Songster

    Feb 25, 2011
    Cute batch of chicks!

    I think your Jersey Giant is suspicious because of it's stance, but then again it's comb isn't indicating roo, so I'd recommend watching him/her.
    The Silver Laced Wyandotte is looking pretty girly so far
    Your light Brahma couldn't be manlier if he tried
    Your Dark Brahma is 100% female (males can't have that color)
    The Production Red isn't showing any male signs yet, but should be watched
    And your CA White is studly and manly.
  4. popsicle

    popsicle Songster

    Yeah, that's what I've been saying the whole time. Let's hope he's farily quiet. My Buff Brahma rooster wasn't too noisy.

    What do you think about the size difference between the Light and Dark Brahmas. I got them at the same time, the dark was a couple dollars more expensive than the light--I see Welp does charge more for bantam Brahmas. So, I'm a little worried I wasn't paying attention and got a Bantam. She is currently the smallest of all the birds--even smaller than the Cali White and the Red.

    I'm bummed that the "Pullet" bins have let me down this much!
  5. Featherland

    Featherland Songster

    Dec 28, 2007
    The only roo I see is the Light Brahma.
    Leghorns do have bigger combs than other breeds at that age and can look gangly.
    If your Dark Brahma is a bantam it will be ok because they are being raised all together.
  6. popsicle

    popsicle Songster

    Thanks, I haven't been too worried about the white and red--I assume they're a little better at sexing those than the Brahmas. I'll re-post these birds in a few weeks with an update.

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