Gender Help Please


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5 Years
Aug 9, 2014
any idea if these 3 are hens or Roos? All are about 12 weeks old. We think we've heard some crowing. Thanks!


The top one looks to have roo saddle feathers coming in. Can't see the other two well enough to guess.
Is this a better pic of our white fluffy one? Really hoping she's a "she"!

Just bumping this thread up, please let me know if I should take pictures from a certain angle to better tell sex. Thanks!
In the last pic, I'd guess that bird on the left is your crower and maybe the blue and gold as well, flashy colors usually means boy. Its really hard to tell from your pictures though. Could you try to get some nice, clear close ups of their faces?
Well this morning when I let them out they both came running up to me and crowed there little heads off! Looks like we got 2 Roos! :(

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