gender??... I'm sure one tried crow this mornin at 6am!!

LayALilEgg 4Me

Apr 20, 2015
st helens, merseyside. UK
Hello, its my two 16 week old pekin bantams in question....

I bought them at ten weeks old, was told they were pullets and they have been fab love them to bits they have settled right in!! Now they are 16 weeks old and im sure one of them has been trying to crow at 5:50am the past two mornings. However they dont make this screechy noise through the day.

My garden is predator safe so i know its not that. I keep trying to catchvthe culpritt but keep missin it!!

Iv also heard one try to "bawk CLUCK!!" But again missed who it was!

Its like a screechy whoo whho whooo sound.... im puzzled!

Here they are at ten weeks old...

Here they are at 16 weeks... freckle

Freckle... think she deffo pullet but im no expert...

Speckle... i think it will be this one out the two if one is a cock...


Any help/advice is great thanks
Oh dear! Im new to chickens, and was told they were both pullets when we got them, they seemed pretty similar until recently. Just goes to show my in experience!! Its not a proper cock-a-doodle-do as of yet and isnt too loud. But im afraid the neighbours may eventually complain! I presume his crowing will get louder with maturity?
Im gutted cos im probably gonna have to rehome speckle if hes a cock cos of having neighbours on either side of me. Do you think it will upset freckle though? They are both inseparable, and are always together. Any suggestions?
Oh no!! I was hoping by some miracle he wud be a pullet! Im worried how freckle will react to speckles rehoming! Its gonna kill me having to do this! They were the first two chickens i bought so they mean a lot to me! :( do i rehome them together so they are not split up or do i keep freckle?

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