Gender of 8 week old chicks.


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Oct 6, 2020
Are these chicks old enough to know the bread yet?
Can some one please help me on breed and gender of these chicks
32B9C86F-7A71-4F14-B93A-A1D3868D3DB6.jpeg 1578F920-0094-4A96-8B40-98CCF06C4283.jpeg 540CA831-6425-4C82-B9FE-974D69E44EE7.jpeg A4A00763-D475-46E5-819C-0D4F909608BD.jpeg 74FBC9B2-6F9D-424A-8268-4370625354A8.jpeg E2625EFB-CBD1-44E8-90C5-AFFDC7C8748E.jpeg
I'm seeing Red Sexlinks (your reddish colored one and your red and white one). Your black and white "barred" one looks like a cuckoo marans. Not sure what the chicken in the last pic is though. I see no cockerels.
The yellow one looks like it has crele cuckoo but probably a sexlink. Your first orange one is probably a boy.
The barred ones look like crosses.

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