Gender of my babies?


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Sep 6, 2012
This is a follow up post of some post I made a few weeks ago, I think it's a lot more obvious now that I have 2 roos and 1 hen. Thoughts anybody?

I think this one's a roo. It looks like a Speckled Sussex, but I'm not quite sure. I've Googled some images for day old speckled sussex's and they looked completely different to mine. I think when this one was a chick it looked pretty much like the Light Sussex but with a small light orange patch near its butt.

A beautiful Light Sussex. I'm thinking hen?

RIR roo by the looks of it~

What do you guys think? :)
It's just that the RIR's tail is really long and pointy don't you think? Or is that typical of 2 month RIRs? :S
i think the speckled sussex looks like a roo and the delaware is a girl. The RIR is hard to tell but I'd go with girl
1 is a roo I think, and 2 and 3 are pullets I think!
I have no idea, when I ordered I asked for a sussex, but I didn't specify whether it was a light or speckled. Just thought it's funny how it looked a lot like a light sussex but actually turned out to be speckled!
If you still cannot figure out if it is a rooster you can always look at the wings and see if they are even. If they are even then it is a rooster, and if uneven it is a pullet.

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