gender of my poish mix.....


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May 4, 2015
Hello....I'm new here and have learned that I have some Polish Mix chickens! Now I'm curious as to the gender! Here are some images of them at 4 weeks old! Thanks for any help you all can give this newbie!!

Arlene is definetly a female! Charlie looks female but is alittle early still to tell for sure. And your aunt b looks identical to my nugget who im hoping is a female but i do have my doubts :(

This is nugget! Hoping she is indeed a female but the tail seems so upward compared to the rest...
Hoping you are right! I cant own a roo i live in city limits :( nugget is so much bigger then sister violet almost twice as big! And violets tail feathers go straight out nuggets stick straight up. Also nugget is top of pecking order of my 3 chicks

OOOPPPS forgot to add Lucy's image earlier.

The lady I acquired these chicks from said Lucy and Arlene were roo's. I'm so new to this and had a hard time deciding what to do as we can't have roo's where we live. So I exchanged Lucy and Arlene for 2 new chicks. Here they are about 2 weeks ago. I'm unsure about Cookie ....thoughts???


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