Gender of my Silver Laced Wyandotte ??


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Apr 20, 2014
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not the greatest picture, but this is Storm my silver laced Wyandotte hen least she was suppose to be a hen. Now I'm questioning her gender since she looks extremely different than her sisters. she almost 3 months old. none of her sisters have combs/wattles yet but she/he does. just not sure if theres different strands of SLW, or if this is really going to be a rooster :)
Thank you ladies for your help. He will be the first man in the coop, with a bunch of ladies to deal with :) I don't like to pick favorites but since day 1 he had a different look then the others. hes such a sweet boy. glad to have others confim my thoughts :)
Rooster for sure. Wyandottes are often hard to sex, but a comb and wattles like your bird has, along with the white wing patches, are signs of a cockerel.
thanks for your guys help .... @ladycat @donrae @Wyandottes7 @BantamLover21 you were right ! well .... Storm was suppose to be a girl but he's deff a boy! hes 3 months now. and the first rooster in my flock. hes so sweet ........I JUST KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ROOSTERS :) ?!????!!!!
Well, I'm glad he turned out to be a sweet rooster. He's a very pretty boy.

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