gender of sex link chick?

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We decided to get sex-link chicks this time around so we wouldn't have to worry about getting a rooster. We have a 10 week old black sex link and a 10 week old gold sex link. We have raised 8 other hens and none of them ever had a comb like this so early (on the gold sex link). I have been growing suspicious of our gold chick (topaz) as she is very aggressive and the comb has been big and red since 6 weeks. I looked up some photos, and I'm thinking "her" coloring is all wrong for a female, but I am hoping someone will tell me this is a pullet. No worries on out sweet black sex link- definitely a girl!
WE cant have a rooster in our town, so I am very worried about our black chick losing her best buddy and having to integrate her alone with our 2 yr old hens.
I think you're right with your suspicions. That certainly does look like a cockerel. A quick google search shows that this is the colouring of a rooster not a hen. I have no experience with gold sex links but from what I see it's looking like a boy. Sorry.
Yep, female sex links are a completely different color. The red sex link females will be red with white accents, the males are white with red on their wings
. It's maddening when a sex linked bird is sexed incorrectly!
So- Any advice on what to do now? I have some feelers out now looking for a new home for Mr. Topaz, but what should I do about our leftover single lady? Try to integrate her with the 4 existing 2 yr old hens in the coop? Re-home her along with Mr. Topaz and start over with new chicks? Maybe get two new chicks and pretend that wouldnt put us over the limit, but then once they are a bit older I could put three of them into the big coop at the same time.

AACK! How did this happen with sex link chicks?
AACK! How did this happen with sex link chicks?
This should not have happened with sex link chicks, but if you got them from a feed store or tractor supply, things like this happen all too often with them as the people who work there usually know little or nothing about chicken breeds and gender. Buying chicks from a feed store or tractor supply is fine as long as the buyer knows what to look for in the chicks.

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