Genders please.


5 Years
Jun 25, 2014
Florahome, Florida
So i hatched out the Andalusians and the Rhode Island red Cross on August 30th/31st and im starting to think Penny is actually a Roo. I would be so disappointed because i have grown so attached to him and the others. They are the tamest chicks/chickens i have owned so far. They love to cuddle. The Andalusians are a little over 6 weeks old and the Cochin is a little over 7 weeks old.

Penny Blue Andalusian/Rhode Island Red cross

So does that red coming in on her wing indicate she is actually a he or is that a result of her crossing? She has some of that on her back as well.

Asia the Blue andalusian

She hatched out the first and is the tiniest of them all.

Snowflake the Blue Splash Andalusian.

She does not like getting her pictures taken. Hard to keep her still.

Stormy the Blue? cochin 7 weeks old.

Is she just a plain ole blue or something else? Her feathers are lighter than my other blues and have different shades of blue all over. I hope she is still a she.

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