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henney penny

10 Years
Nov 21, 2009
Northern Maine
If I breed a buff orpinton rooster to a golden comet hen would the egg laying of the offspring be everyday like the golden comet or more like the buff orpinton or can you tell?I`m switching to buff orpiontons and have had golden comets(sex link) but they are small and pecky and the buffs are layed back and big but don`t lay everday and there egg is a medium size,I want the best of both breeds everyday laying,bigger chicken for eating and very docile.I know there are a few genetic peaple out there so help me please.
Basic genetics says you have a 50/50 chance for each trait.
This is modified by dominant and recessive genes.
If the laying gene is dominant the chance is 3 out of 4
If it is recessive the chance is 1 out of 4

Of course nothing is ever that easy so breeding the perfect chicken can take years of selective breeding to produce your ideal strain.
I believe Bragg's Mountain Buffs took 15 years of selective breeding to get to this point.

If you go ahead and start breeding now some of the new chicks will close to what you are looking for. Keep breeding those most like what you want the end result to be and you will be good to go in a few years.

An example from Humans: Blond hair is a recessive gene. My father is blond and my mother is brunette. My parents had 4 children. I am the only one with blond hair. 1 out of 4 for blond hair.

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