General duck/Magpie questions.

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    Hello.! I have a lovely magpie, I was told that's all she is. And I was told depending on if she has crazy and or straight tail fathers would determine the sex. (Crazy being male and straight being female) and I was wondering if that's true for ducks/magpies.? She has straight feathers so that's why I say she, but then I had seen a post about their courtship stance and how they go parallel with the floor, and everyone that commented said that their drakes do that, so now I'm confused as to what her sex is. She started doing that about a week or two ago and I've taken it as a sign of being sexually matured, so I assume she'll be laying soon; but now I don't know because I'm not 100% sure she's even a girl. And I've noticed within the same time that started that she will lay down(which I've never seen, she usually just runs around the yard all day) and she's also started to nibble and dive/jump up into me when I'm down and petting her. It's all very weird characteristics that make me think she might be getting ready to lay(especially with all the laying down she does all of a sudden).
    I also was wondering if anyone knows how they'll act before making her nest/laying, where would she be most likely to nest.?
    And back to her courtship stance; I've notice that when she does that, clear/white liquid drips from her little butt, and at first I thought it was her potty until I had seen it string from her butt to the floor, so that makes me believe she's a girl also, but I have no idea. I've never even pet a duck before I got one, so I know nothing, I've never had a pet bird till now either. Please help.! I'm sorry if it's all over the place, I can't find any good answers online.![​IMG]

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