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    Not Sure where to place this but it refer.'s to all breeds of ;,Turkeys/chichens/ducks/ect.
    Ok I'm asking this question mainly about Turkey's but would like to know if the same standers would be for chickens , waterfowl and pheasents [​IMG]

    My Question is this [​IMG] say I have breeding pens with say pairs /or trio's keep together----------- I would get fertile hatching eggs from each pair/ trio , how long will the hens whole the sperm from the male's to fertile the eggs ------I know if you keep them together full time the oddds are much higher , but say I place a male tom or- roo- or drake of each breed does the odds different, say I was to place a breeding pair / trio together for say 2 weeks how long would the female /hen be fertile on laying eggs for . [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    thanks alan [​IMG]
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    With chickens I have read that you have to keep them together for about 3 weeks to be sure the egg was fertilized by that roo. Don't know whether this is the same for turkeys, etc.

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