Genesis Hovabator 1588 - keeping humidity at lockdown


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Apr 21, 2015
Northern MI
Hi all,

I'm doing my first hatch and I cannot keep the humidity high enough in my incubator. It keeps falling into the 50's. I do have the plug out (as I'm assuming they need the oxygen). I have water in the bottom, and paper towels over the grate. I have wet the paper towels several times today trying to keep the numbers up. I had a small cup with some wet cotton balls (can't find a new sponge around the house) but that didn't seem to help. When I locked it down I had wet paper towels in the big channel in the center, but then the humidity was running at 80%, so I took them out. I can't find a happy medium. It is a forced air incubator, do I still need that red plug in? Should I soak the inside to the point that the toweling gets saturated, or put the wet paper towel back in the bottom? It's Sunday and I should hatch on Tuesday. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!!!
Thanks for the reply KuchChicks. It's working thus far

I got it to 75% with a large sized kitchen sponge (maybe 8"x4"x1/2"?) cut into three pieces and placed in the corners/sides. I have the bottom lined with a now damp paper towel and the troughs also full. Red plug open, top inserted so the turner cord opening is closed. Just posting in case someone else needs the info.
Congrats on your hatch KuchChick!!! What breed did you hatch?

I've got 5 out and several more trying! I think I lost one, his little beak has been sticking out the hole and not moving for about an hour. His little hole looks really wet, very different from the other ones. Not sure what happened there. I got a blue chick, I was REALLY hoping for a blue (my favorite color). I don't believe any are crested yet, not that I can tell at least. There is a yellow one, the blue one and the rest are chipmunk colored. I have 3 black hens so I'm surprised I don't have a black one yet. All the hatched ones are Icelandics so far.

I had some Dark Cornish eggs in there to try as meat birds, they were shipped eggs. I started with a dozen, 6 made it to lockdown, and I'm only seeing activity from two at this point. They had a rough ride, one egg was broken when I got the package, so I didn't have a lot of hope for them. It's day 21 today though, so I still have time.

Last night I took two of the three sponges out because I had humidity over 80%. this morning it was down to 61% so I added one sponge back in to get it into the 70's. I didn't realize it would be so hard to keep the humidity up at hatch. Even with the 5 wet chicks the humidity was dropping. I'll be babysitting it today I guess!
I did Silkies (but only 1 hatched :/ so I am starting more today), cochin, Polish, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, and Seabrights. I sold all but 6. I am trying to build up my flock but now think I am getting out of hand. I have 41 eggs I am setting today. 10 French Copper Maran, 12 silkies, 3 Cochin, 4 Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, 6 New Hampshire, 5 Ameracauna, and 1 Leghorn. I will keep a couple of the Marans and sillkies and maybe a New Hampshire. All of the others I plan on selling. I will have too many if I don't. I have totally become addicted to hatching!
The blue laced red Wyandottes are very pretty. Someday I want a silkie just to have one - they are so pretty. The copper Marans are pretty nice too.

I'm doing some white Bresse with this next hatch. I think I will only end up with about 4 Icelandics for myself out of this one after the ones I have sold, and I have another couple orders so I'm hoping to keep a couple Icelandics out of the next one too. I guess if I can only keep 4 per hatch - I'm doing OK! :)

Best of luck on your new hatch! It is rather addicting. Between the lambs, upcoming foals and chicks - I have had a super fun Spring for babies!

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