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10 Years
Jun 11, 2009
ok so the brothers of nutmeg hens carry the nutmeg gene but dont show it, if they ar bred to a gray hen, the babies will be sexlinked? am i right?
I'm not familier with the color "nutmeg", but by what you describe it must be brown or buff dilution.......

If that's the case, then they would pass it on to half of their offspring, including both males AND females. None of the males would show this single gene, and half of the females would show (the ones that got the gene).

So, yes, you're right in a way. All the ones that show the "nutmeg" gene would be female, but of the 75% that don't show it 1/3 would be females.
ryan, slow down!!
, the BROTHERS of the hens CARRY
If you are talking strictly about sex linked genes then yes females cannot carry any of them.

Females can carry recessive genes.

If I remember correctly nutmeg is a combo of the chocolate and buff gene, so if the male of your ducklings was nutmeg and the female was grey than you would get nutmeg hens and grey drakes that carry both genes, if you then take one of those males and breed it to a grey then half of the female offspring would be nutmeg, the other half would be grey, the males would all be grey but only half of them would carry the chocolate gene.

What were the parents of these little guys?

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