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Apr 23, 2015
I've heard that leg color of chicks can determine their gender. I have 7 three week old chicks, 2 that are growing combs and appear to be roosters. Their parents are a full breed white silkie rooster and their mom is a black cochin whose mother and siblings looked like her but father was a tan cochin. Only the black chicks had dark legs when they hatched but I know that the color will change as they get older. I have 5 that have silkie combs but I can't keep more rooster so I need help knowing if there's any way that their legs could help determine their gender before they're 4 months old when it's easy to tell.

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Unfortunately, that is not an accurate statement with regards to gender identification.

ETA - what you may have heard is a variation on the use of leg wash as a gender indicator in Barred Rock chicks.
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