~*~Genetically High - A Story Based Off an RP~*~

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    Welcome to a world that is not human, not the animal kingdom, but somewhere in between.

    It begins at Aquila High School. Founded by Genevieve Aquila, this school holds many students.

    And a secret...



    This is a school unlike any other. Because the students don't know it yet -

    The only way to graduate this school…Is to survive.


    My characters are Gideon O'Connel, Avis Fury, and Cass O'Kelly.

    Trainfullachickens14 owns Connie Hodges and Dirk Hodges

    ChickenPalz2 owns Kathryn Jones

    MollyBrownROX13 owns Julia Freeman

    Bluebee owns Ashley Lynn, Jason Rylee, Griffin Wood and April Clarkson

    Chickenoverlord owns Samael Roman and Trista Morgan

    Wintent owns Wintent Danielle Smith and Nexon Black

    Bluedragonfire owns Jenna McCartney

    CayugaLover owns Alexa Swift, Allegra Mercury, Piper Duncan and Phoenix Hunter

    Get ready for the deadliest school in the world, where flunking is death and the straight-A students get the most valuable prizes of all - life and answers.​

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    It was almost Summer. The monotony of the days at school broken by the excitement of the coming vacation.
    Gideon O'Connel, a sixteen-year-old Sophomore, was warming up in the boxing ring. He pushed his golden-blonde hair out of his amber eyes and cracked his knuckles. This was his favorite pastime. He bounced on the balls of his feet with excitement as he watched the other boy. Someone hit the bell and Gideon advanced. The other boy swung a punch at him and Gideon dodged fluidly. His fist darted out, aiming for the boy's shoulder. A harsh crack! filled the air - after Gideon's fist withdrew a millisecond after he had punched. More cracks followed in quick succession, like glass breaking. It mingled with a high scream from the boy and a gasp from Gideon. Gideon rushed over to his fallen opponent.

    "I'll take him to the nurse's office." he said to the approaching former audience. He picked the boy up, shocked to feel the boy's arm and realize it hadn't broken - It had shattered. He made his way to the nurse's office. When the nurse saw the boy, she gasped in horror. Gideon laid the boy on the table, "Will he be okay?"
    "What on earth happened?" asked the nurse, looking over the unconscious boy, "His arm shattered, he has a fractured collarbone and a rib. And his shoulder's dislocated!"
    "We were boxing. I punched him in the shoulder and…" The nurse shook her head and shooed him out of the room. He retreated awkwardly, head spinning over what had just occurred. He leaned against the wall, closed his eyes, and let out a sigh. When he opened them, he saw something strange. Colors. New colors. Ones he could have never imagined. He stared around, wandering, the colors taking his mind off of the boy. He wandered into the cafeteria. Chatter jolted him from his stupor. It sounded panicked. He heard bits of it.
    "It's so loud!"
    "I can see everything!"
    "I have claws!"
    Gideon stood still. What?
    "I have fangs!"
    Huh? Gideon stared at everyone. It was true.
    Cass sat straight as a poker, her platinum-blonde hair streaked with blue and purple, sapphire eyes wide, "Do you hear that?" The room hushed, "Nothing. Absolutely nothing." As one, the students rose and exited the grounds of Aquila High. They moved across Mount Desert Island. The towns were abandoned. They got into cars and drove all the way to the edge of the island, then walked onto the rocky beach. Around the island, as far as the eye could see, there was a strange, wavering look to the air.
    "We're trapped." whispered Gideon. Someone heard him and the cry spread across the beach.
    A girl yelled at the top of his lungs, "Shut up everyone! It's just heat!" She walked boldly up to the thing. Right into it. There was a flash, a high-pitched whistling sound - and there she was. Her body, that was. There were screams. Someone threw up. The body faded away.
    "What if air can't get in!" someone yelled.
    Gideon raised his voice, "I don't think it's meant to keep stuff out. I think it's meant to keep us in."
    Kathryn Jones, a senior, spoke up, "Who's trying to keep us in? How will we get out?"
    "I don't know! We'll figure this out! We'll get through this! But for now we have to stay calm. We stay away from the barrier, we get supplies together. We keep our heads clear and get through this." Gideon saw people nodding, calmed slightly by his words. He was glad they believed him, because all he could think was, We're all going to die.
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    Chapter One
    Connie Hodges stepped next to him. "I agree with Gideon. I think we should head back to the school and take stock. Not just of the food, but everything that we could use or need. Food, water, medical supplies, plus any other studdents that are still back there."
    Avis Fury raised her hand, "What I want to know is if we're the only ones who can't get out? And could other people or animals get in?"
    "Right now, I know just about as much as you do" Connie replied, "and, though I'm curious about that too, there are other more important things that we need to deal with." She thought for a moment, then spoke up again, "I think that first and foremost we should all get back to the campus. We'd be a lot safer from whatever caused this barrier and we can deal with whatever needs to be dealt with once we're there." She turned to Gideon, "What do you think?"
    Gideon nodded. He was glad he wasn't the only person who was taking charge. This was a lot to handle. All those people watching, trusting. Or not. "Let's go."
    "Agreed," Connie replied, nodding as well. She then turned to the rest of the group and hollered "Alright, listen up! We're heading back to the campus for the time being! We'll head to the central school building and from there we can start addressing whatever issues come up. Let's go!" As the group began the walk back to the campus, Connie walked alongside Gideon. As she brushed a lock of her hair out of her face, their eyes met for a brief second and Connie averted her gaze, blushing very slightly. Gideon was unsure why.
    As the group surged forward, Gideon saw Avis trip and go sprawling into Connie's brother, Dirk. She swore at the top of her lungs. As he stumbled and fell forewards, he put his arms out to break his fall, but one of his feet managed to catch on a small stump and caused him to twist around backwards as he fell. He landed hard on his back, though it didn't hurt nearly as much as he thought it should have, however, he had other things on his mind. Immediately after he landed on the ground, Avis fell directly down on top of him. His arms, which were no longer fully extended but were much closer to his body, caught Avis mid-fall and she ended up directly on top of Dirk only about a foot above him and the two wound up face-to-face. Dirk's entire face immediately went fire-engine red and he just lay there staring at Avis, unable to think or do much of anything.

    Avis went beet red, "Oops…"
    Gideon saw
    Dirk trying to respond, but apparently, being this close to a girl his age was such a new experience to him that his mind wasn't able to form basic thoughts and carry them out. He tried speaking, he tried helping Avis get back up, he tried doing anything other than just lie there and stare, but he simply couldn't. Gideon began to turn to help them out, but Connie ran over to the two of them. She noticed her brother's gaze locked onto the girl laying on him, so she quickly intervened, grasping each of them with one hand and pulling them back to a standing position. She gave Dirk an indescreet but very firm nudge to try and snap him out of his little trance. She turned back to Avis and said "Are you alright? What happened?"
    "I - um, kinda tripped." said Avis, shifting from foot to foot. She turned to Dirk bashfully, "Sorry 'bout that. I'm Avis Fury.
    "D-Dirk..." he managed. "Dirk Hodges. Its, ahh... nice to meet you, Avis..." He looked a bit surprised with how Avis was acting; normally the first things people noticed about him was his heterochromia, which then immediately led to them seeing his massive facial scar, but Avis hadn't seemed to notice either as far as he could tell.
    Connie rolled her eyes as her brother blushed even more. It was pretty uncommon for him to ever get out much more than a full sentence around girls. "I'm his sister, Connie," she said, "you sure you're okay, Avis?"
    Avis shrugged, "A little bruised, but nothing to complain about. I'm kind of a klutz."
    "That's alright, as long as you're fine." Connie looked up and saw the roof of the central school building over the trees. "Good," she said, "nearly there." As the group walked through the woods that bordered the campus on this side, Connie walked over towards Gideon. "Alright," she said, "I think the first thing we need to do is come up with a plan to gather what we need to hold out for the time being." She started listing off a number of priorities on her fingers, "Food, water, medical supplies, plus someone needs to help gather up the rest of the students. We also need to start figuring out how our abilities can be used to our advantage for protection or survival, although, until then, we'll need some other way to protect ourselves. I think we might find some kind of weapons in the campus security building. What do you think, you got any ideas on anything?"
    Gideon was impressed with how she was handling this. He nodded, "I think we should have some of us, preferably with night vision, take some camping materials and watch for any animals to see if they can cross the barrier. I don't know how many of us can hunt, so we might want to ration the food and water."
    Connie nodded back, "Good thinking, I like it. I could go with the scouting team unless you think I'd be more help here. I'm not sure what powers Dirk and I have yet, but I've always had pretty good vision and I'm familiar with guns, so I might be a good person to send scouting and hunting." She pointed over towards her brother, "Dirk would be a good help with anything that needs smarts or brute force, if you can think of anything; he's kind of a combination between a nerd and a neanderthal." The group finally made it back to the campus, but the sun was beginning to set. There were about two-to-three hours before twilight. She immediately called out to her brother, "DIRK! Take one or two of the others and go see what you can find at the security building!"
    Dirk gave a thumb's-up, then walked up to a group of some of the students, "Alright, I'm going to need one or two of you guys to come and help me investigate the campus security building. Hopfully we can find at least a couple of guns or something that we can use for hunting and protection, at least until we can manage to head out and look for something at one of the police stations in town."
    Avis raised her hand, "I volunteer to go to the barrier. I can't see at night, but I am a GPS."
    Kathryn raised hers as well, I'll go too. I have night vision ,so I hope I'll be able to help." She called out.
    "Great, we'll head out once we find some supplies and night falls. Until then, just try to help out in any way you can find. I know my brother needs some help checking out the security building, we need people looking for food, water, medical supplies, and we need some people to round up any of the students that are still here." Connie scratched her chin as she thought about what else might be a good idea to get done. Then her eyes widened a bit and she said "I got it!" The ends of her hair wiggled, though Connie herself failed to feel it. "We need someone to go around and check to see if any of the land-line phones still work. I think we can assume that whatever is causing that barrier would block any kind of cellular signal, but the underground lines that the 'old man phones' use might be fine." She turned to Gideon, "What do you think?"
    Gideon smiled. He felt a growing sense of admiration for this girl, "Sounds good. Okay, everyone who's scouting the border tonight, start making preparations. I want a few people to take stock of food and water supplies and a few others to go check the nurse's office for medical supplies. Five groups of three, check the campus for anyone else. Connie, I think I'm forgetting something. Any ideas?"
    "I think Dirk still needs some help checking for weapons at campus security, but that's about everything." said Connie.
    Avis shrugged, "I shoot. I'll help with the weapons. We might need them at the barrier."
    Upon hearing Avis volunteer in his group, Dirk looked a bit excited, but luckily his mind continued functioning normally. "Nice to know there are others here who can handle a gun." He quickly turned away before his face went red again, saying "I need one more person to help check the security building, anyone willing?"
    "I'll come with you to campus security," said a boy with messy black hair, dark brown eyes and glasses walking up to him. He was a bit shorter than Dirk and much skinnier, though he looked to Dirk like somebody who was clever and smart. "The name's Phillip," the boy said, "I know my way around a firearm and my dad's one of the security men here so I know the layout of the security building as well."
    "Excellent, that makes three of us; let's go." he responded as they started walking towards the center of the campus.
    "I'll scout for students." Cass volunteered.
    "I'll go check the nurse's office for medical supplies." said Kathryn.
    Gideon smiled and nodded, looking calm. However, what no one could see was the pure terror running through his mind. He knew that if no one took the lead, the whole school would fall into anarchy and even though he wasn't happy about it, he decided to be the voice of calm and reason. He thought Connie was doing a great job, but she seemed a little nervous when she looked at him. He hoped she could help, but he hoped more that no one else noticed, because if the crowd felt that their leaders were scared, they'd run out of hope. This was a fragile situation. If the Barrier could kill, then what else? Worries filled his mind as he and Connie dolled out duties.
    But hey, how much worse could it get? Probably a lot.
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    (Philip was a throwaway character, in case you're wondering.)
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