Genetics of Chicken Colours - The Basics (out of print)

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    This book is the first genetics book ever made with so many photos, easy reading style, and for the first time in history written by chicken fanciers. Everything is based on scientific facts and therefore you can rely on it in your breeding programs!

    Check out the promotional PDF to get an idea of how beautiful and informative this book is! Chicken Colour Genetics Dummies.pdf

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    The Genetics of Chicken Colours by Sigrid van Dort - David Hancox and Friends.

    The how and why of chicken genetics has long been a mystery to many of us amateur chicken breeders, and books on the genetics of chicken colours are few and far between. The book 'The Genetics of Chicken Colours The Basics' is therefore a very welcome addition to this field.

    The book is written by Dutch amateur geneticist and chicken breeder Sigrid van Dort with the help of her friends and is intended for amateur chicken breeders who lack a formal background in genetics. Sigrid's co-author of the English Edition is Australian David Hancox. David's contribution is based on knowledge gained throughout his 45 years of experience in the field of chicken breeding.

    One of the first things one notices about the book is the large number of photo illustrations. The book consists of 224 pages, has over 600 photographs, all are in full colour. The numerous illustrations of both birds and individual feathers make it easy to identify the more subtle differences in colours for example; different types of barring may look similar when seen on a bird but are quite different when individual feathers are compared.

    The second aspect that stands out is the 'down to earth' style in which the book is written. The author introduces genetics by comparing chicken colours to vegetable or minestrone soup and uses this example throughout the book to highlight how genetics work. For example, similar to soup, the colour and appearance of chickens can be the result of a greater of lesser concentration of say tomato paste, while at other times a colour can be the result of a adding a completely new ingredient. By comparing the daunting topic of chicken genetics to an everyday item such as soup the author demystifies the topic and makes it, excuse the pun, easy to digest.

    The book explains in simple terms how genetics create certain colours and the factors that influence the way colours are inherited. The author also discusses how different genetic factors combine to create colours and provides numerous examples of the results of particular crosses. The book includes special sections on topics such as: the red colour of the Yokohama breed, feather patterns, and has exercises for readers to test their understanding of chicken genetics.

    About a quarter of the book's more than 200 pages describe in words and through photos of both hens and roosters the wide range of standardized colours and the genetic 'recipes' that are responsible for their occurrence.
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