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Feb 24, 2008

My daughter and I are working on a science project. We have pure bred Bard Rocks, Austrolorps, Rhode Island Reds and one Deleware.

We are crossing them with a Bard Rock rooster. We are keeping all the offspring to add to our flock....except for the roosters.

The question we have is this: All the chicks look alike for the most part. If we can identify a few dominate traits that are associated with the Bard rock can we assume that those are dominant traits?

Her hypothesis thoughts so far are just that ......When you cross a Bard Rock and an Austrolorp and the offspring show bard feathers then we know that the bard trait is dominant. She was wondering about applying this same thought process to eye color and shank color.

Can anyone help me sort this out with her for? Or should we try a different project?
There is a little bit more to it than
Anyway, use the internet to do some research. I can tell you that the hen is the most important part of how your chicks turn out, the rooster has a much smaller part in the whole thing, unlike other animals where the male determines more about how they turn out. Good luck!

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