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    May 4, 2012
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    Would a white Silkie gene be dominant or recessive to Salmon as in Salmon Faverolles? What color should be expected in chicks from that cross???
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    White crossed to anything is unpredictable. White is essentially an OFF switch that prevents the display of colours or patterns that are genetically present.

    In silkies, white is almost always recessive. With the introduction of paints, that has become less of a certainty, though. If you know the background of your white silkie, that may help determine what colour or pattern genes are likely to be present, but really only if its parent or grandparent was not a white, or if you have previously bred it or a full sibling or parent to a non-white.

    Salmon faverolles have wheaten, silver and mahogany. Wheaten is dominant to e^b, which is a common (although certainly not universal) silkie base. Silver is sex-linked, so depending on which parent is salmon and which is white could make a difference. Silver and gold are equally common in silkies, although some lines tend to favour one over the other, so that really can't be predicted. Mahogany is dominant and is not common in silkies, although some lines have bred it in.

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