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Ruffus and Big Boy
Jun 11, 2020
We are thinking about trying to have a few ducklings in the spring, all natural over incubating them. We have a Rouen/Pekin mix Drake, only thing I am not sure about is he had Angel Wing when he was little and didn't know if this would be passed on?
@Isaac 0 Hello Doc. Do you think we have anything to worry about by doing this? Gimpy is the one who had AW when he was little. Gimpy and Sally Girl are two of the most mellow ducks and like to hang out together. Big D and Pretty Girl are their total opposites in behavior, Big D is the Alpha of our four Drakes and can be a jerk at times to the others.

I just think Gimpy and Sally Girl would make a wonderful pair, both are very mellow and seem to always hang together. Just not interested in having to deal with AW if it can be prevented?

These pics are from last summer, no fully colored yet. :)


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In my opinion, birds with AW should not be bred, for the reasons that the deformity may pass onto their offspring. AW is still a misunderstood topic, with studies stating the cause could be due to anything from environmental problems, genetics, to dietary problems. I agree with all the causes listed right there.

I've had over 40+ ducks over the years, and just this year did I have one with a case of AW. It seems pretty apparent that would be rather due to genetics, than anything dietary, or environmental, or I'd be seeing more birds affected.

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