Geodome run

This is what we plan on using for the run. If I knew in the fall that we'd be getting chickens in the spring, things would be a little different. Right now the plan is add a pop door on the side of the coop connecting to the geodome. I have hardware cloth to cover sides and will either run on the floor then cover, dig down, or skirt. The birds have the run of the yard when I am home, and I'm hoping to adjust the garden access after the growing season, to align with that side of the geodome.
There will be plenty of room for a sheltered, shaded area, roosts and various things of interest, and I can plant some stuff for them to enjoy too.


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Very cool. I like the aesthetic, but looks like it'll be a total pain in the rear to cut out and install fencing materials on that structure -- good luck!
I have done a smaller sized one . It does take some time and patience.
On the last one I used some random pcs, but the company claims believe it or not you can wrap a layer right around
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