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    Jan 17, 2009
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    My experiences with German Shepherds hasn't been positive. I was wondering if anyone has experience with either a German Shepherd/Collie dog or German Shepherd/Lab dog. I like having a dog that will bark but not attack. We are on a dairy farm so there are other animals (cows, calves, sheep, & chickens) that it would need to get along with. Thanks for your input.
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    Jun 20, 2009
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    I have a shepherd/lab/pit mix and a GSD - love them both, personally, I think it's all in how you train them
    Mine were both rescues and do not go near the chickens. Also, I don't leave them outside with the chickens unattended, no reason to ask for trouble

    Edited - you may want to check out Gritsar, she has two pure bred GSD and chickens, they seem to co-exist quite well
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    My experience is that collies will bark! A farmer I know once told me that he had some collie crossed pups and they were really popular as pig dogs cuz they wouldn't bite the pigs.[​IMG]
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    Aug 14, 2009
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    I have German Shepherds.
    We have taken them everywhere! It is all about breeding and socialization. [​IMG]

    Mace with the chickens.

    Rex training.

    Mace at a SV show in Bellheim Germany. One of the big confirmation shows for the German Shepherd Breed.

    Some of what we were watching.


    At the beach.

    Kurfalz Park

    Wide open space walks.... past deer, rabbits, cows, horses...



    We have also done elementary schools, restaurants, festivals, parades...

    You can teach them anything you would like. But the key with any dog is training. [​IMG]
    You wouldn't be able to step foot on my property without me being there. But when I am home my dogs are friendly.
    They would never attack without provocation. They are not vicious by nature. They are a multipurpose dogs.
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    Sep 15, 2010
    Its all in the training my advice is research the breeds make sure you have at least an hour a day if not more to dedicate to training. border collies are fantastic dogs but need mental as well as physical stimulation they can walk for hours flop down when you get home and be ready go again before you've had a cup of tea. i take my bc out twice a day training and play for at least an hour each time and 3 or 4 short clicker training sessions indoors each day, hes 10 months old and he still gets into stuff he shouldnt at home chews shoes, clothes, hides things, races round like a lunatic and hates being alone howls the place down. so sleeps in my bedroom.
    do i regret having him no way hes my best friend and my shadow i've had him for 3 months now and everyday is a challenge with him keeping him occupied, obedience training and hopefully in the future agility if we can find a club. you would think with all that training over 3 months he would be well trained by now but nope still got lots of work and fun to go on for at least another year.

    you cant beat research first, training from the first day you get your dog home, love and consistancy whatever breed or cross you get.

    i recomend this forum it's full of information and lots of friendly folk willing to advise and share there experience of border collies and collie crosses

    Crazyland your gsds are beautifull lovely pics
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