Gettin some chukar hatchin eggs this weekend

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  1. Found a gamebird breeder here localish, and hes offering chukar and valley quail eggs in 50 egg flats for $1 an egg.

    Im getting a flat of the chukar, and some valley if they are ready.

    Everything I read says chukar are almost easier than coturnix quails . . .

    Any insights or advice is very welcome . . .
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    Jan 4, 2010
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    I might be getting some chukar eggs too [​IMG] And was wondering what do people do with them? Everything aound my house has to pay rent: chickens with meat and eggs, quail, meat and eggs...How would chukars pay thier rent?
  3. Picture them holding a sign that says "will make eggs for food" . . .

    From what Ive read, they produce lotsa eggs that are a bit bigger than quails, and they taste great, and again are a bit bigger than quail.

    They seem easy-ish to keep, and are much more pretty to look at than a coturnix.
    They also are not quite as loud as a coturnix.

    There are some positives to them.

    But, I also read that they need a bit more space than a coturnix, similar to bobwhites in that respect.

    I was gonna go down today, but I think I gotta wait till Sunday . . .
  4. Scratch that, pretty sure Im going down today.
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    Jan 12, 2010
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    Depending on the size of your quail I think they are a good bit bigger then quail , I just keep hearing they are meaner then snot. They make a good size egg a little bigger then the banty eggs I have seen.

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