Getting a 4 month old Silkie chick, should I keep it in the house?

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8 Years
Jun 27, 2011
So, I'm going to go get my first Lavender Silkie today! Yay! It is about 4 months old and apparently the chicks grew up in the basement.

My worry is that will she make it outside with my other 8 Silkies in this weather? Lately, it's been closer to 10 degrees at night, although for tonight they are promising temperatures of 35, which is not bad. There is a heat lamp in the coop. Worst case, I can put in a stronger bulb. In another day or two, the temperatures will drop back down to 17 at night. Should I keep the chick in the house for a few days until it warms up or just put her outside with her new friends?

I might be over reacting? I am the biggest sap when it comes to animals, especially mine. lol But being fairly new to the world of chickens and never had a chick live indoors for 4 months, will she be just fine out in the coop with the other 8 chickens and the heat lamp? I'd hate to have something happen to this Lavender that I so desperately wanted and finally found one close enough to home!

I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask even if I was being silly. haha

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