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  1. I have several Dominique and Rhode island red hens. Their already laying and I would like to try getting a few hens to set. are the Dominiques better at hatching or the Rhode island reds? Any tips on getting them to set ?


    P.S. What would be the best time of year to hatch eggs. I live in Northern Alabama to give you an idea of the weather.


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    Dec 16, 2012
    well hens are unpredictable of going broody but you can encorage it by not lifting the eggs (so they build up a batch of eggs).
    the weather over their is probally sun,sun,sun unlike rainy scotland! so i think you will be okay with letting them set around this time right now right up to october. if you want more info go to the learning center>hatching eggs&and raising chicks > broody hens. Good luck!! :)
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    It's hormonal. You really can only suggest it by leaving a clutch and see if it triggers the behavior. Normally? The hen alone decides when or if she is ever going to go broody.
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