getting a plump breast

rebel yell

9 Years
Jun 27, 2010
i am having a hard time getting a good round breast on my birds, my bb reds seam to be doing ok but my silkies & orps. seem to be very thin in the breast area, they are not wormy i have wormed them, they are young, orps. about 6 months, & silkies about the same, they are all beautiful, but just no brest on them, can someone help out , please?
First of all silkies are not meat type chickens and they will not have a plump breast. Second the Orpingtons will develop larger as they grow, but it will not be really big.
You have the wrong breeds for large breasts. I'd look around in the meat section, because it depends on the breed. Orps, for example, are a great LF breed if you prefer dark meat and want large legs; Silkies are prized in some cultures for the dark skin. We ate what was probably a Barred Rock recently; it had a good amount of breast meat, though they are a bit difficult to pluck.
thanks, but i wasn't wanting them to eat, just started in the silkies, didn't know, thought they are supposed to have a nice plump brest, thanks.
Reb, a lot has to do with what you feed them. You didn`t mention their age and that does too. Most folks will feed a good starter/grower(about 20% protein) til they start to lay, then switch to a layer ration(also around 20%). For years, after they start to lay, I have fed my gamefowl Purina Gamebird Blend(14% protein). My fowl have all had large healthy breasts, bright red combs, and shiney plumage. All this with no fat. Dunno if it will work on your breeds, but it does for mine.

Since I moved to GA, about 2 years ago, I have been unable to buy Blend as there are no Purina dealers near me. I have been using Southern States 13 Way Gamefowl Maintainance feed at 16%. Seems to work just fine. Good luck with your birds.........Pop

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