Getting a puppy? Decisions to make.

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by Celtic Hill, Aug 5, 2011.

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    So, Ive wanted a puppy for over a year now, my family is finally warming up to the idea. But I go back and forth with what I think I want, Ive always had large dogs, I love them, But I really want a small dog that I can hold and carry and that is easy to travel with. However a small dog dose not exactly fit my setting I don't think. The dog will primarily be my dog, It would go to work with me on the horse farm, travel with me to horse shows, ect. I feel like a small dog wouldn't be good for that or could it work? Aside from that Ive asked myself, being in college (I commute) do I have enough time for it and can I financially handle the responsibility and I can say yes to both of those. I realize puppies need lots of socialization and work, My aunts a dog trainer so we would probably enroll in a puppy group.

    Im torn between getting a big dog and a small dog and then what kind of dog to get. I know I don't want something with a thick coat like a German Shepard or long that's going to be high maintenance.
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    Rat Terrier!
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    A small dog like a toy breed would not be good in that setting at all. They tend to be a bit skittish and nervous especially around other animals and strangers. A small-ish breed that thinks its a big dog and does well with other animals would be your best choice and tend to make wonderful family pets as well. I would look at Cairn Terriers, Fox Terrier, Border Terriers and any spaniel (english, Brittany, springer or field). Here is a helpful breed selector you can try.
    Good Luck in your search! Dogs are wonderful additions to any family.
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    A small dog with a large dog personality is a Jack Russell terrier. Awesome little dogs that are very happy to go with you everywhere! Border terriers are another great choice. Jack Russell terriers are also common enough that getting one locally should be pretty easy. As with all breeds, only buy from a very reputable breeder. Look for one that participates in terrier trials to get good working bloodlines.
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    Jack russels are good for that kind of enviornment! their nice hardy dogs! you dont want to get anything like a Chihuahua since they stress out easily. So Jack Russels, Fox and Rat Terriers (or really any type of Terriers), Beagles, Spaniels, Mini Pins... Basically any type of dog that was bred to do an outside job (all I just named) and not a lap dog (Chihuahua, Poms and Peks)
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    Or ... go to the local animal shelter/pound/rescue to find a dog that really needs a home.

    I personally love my mixed breeds, although my first dog when I moved out on my own was a purebred Great Dane who was a former puppy mill breeding dog.
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    Quote:This is one of the dogs we have on our farm. Our is a mini/toy Rat Terrier but he is awesome. Though small, they are considered "farm" dogs. They are great at taking care of mice or rat problems (if you have any), and ours loves to kill moles. We also have horses, but he usually stays away from them. If yours will be around larger livestock, I'd probably go with the standard version. Another good thing about them is they aren't "yappy" dogs like a lot of smaller dogs are, but still make great lap dogs.

    We also just got a Blue Heeler puppy (pics here). These are medium sized working dogs, and it sounds like they would be good for your situation. Highly trainable and bred to work livestock.
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    There is a woman at a horse show that ALWAYS has her dogs with her. They are Boston Terriers! They are so cute, have great attitudes, don't have the "prey" drive that I've seen in Jacks...
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    The RIGHT border collie is a great dog. Keep in mind that border collies are obsessive compulsive. You want one that has been raised in an environment similar to yours, not a puppy mill. Socialization with horses, dogs, cats, kids, whatever you've got.

    Positive socialization experiences for the first 6 months are an absolute must, or he/she will have fears that may be difficult to impossible to handle. But once they are trained, they are trained for life, and can be a one person plus family dog. But you are always their person. Your family is theirs to protect because they are YOUR family. (I am not saying the first year is all fun but by age 5, omg, they are so easy.)

    And they travel well, never had one get carsick.
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