Getting an HOA variance (in Las Vegas, Nevada)

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    Hi everyone! I've just joined, so this is my first post. :) I'm here for help and advice... I am currently under contract for a home in an HOA that doesn't allow chickens. I know, I know... I checked with the owners and called the HOA before first placing an offer on the place and no one knew of any restrictions on chickens, but now that I have received the CC&Rs it's plain as day that they are against the rules.

    The HOA is not active and every resident I've spoken to (the owners, a friend of mine, and our neighbors-to-be) say the HOA is extremely hands-off, but I would be afraid that "sneaking" the chickens would set me up for potential problems later on. So my plan is to put together a comprehensive request for a variance and submit to the HOA for approval to prevent that from happening.

    I am thinking if I collect documentation on our local laws showing that it's OK, some basic info assuaging fears about noise/cleanliness/smells, letters from my neighbors okaying me having chickens (neighbors already said they are OK with them), and a description of my desired setup (coop and completely covered run at the back of the lot and not next to neighbor's walls), I have a good shot.

    Does anyone have any advice or good information I can incorporate into my variance request? Has anyone done this? The home is located in Clark County jurisdiction-wise (Durango and Jones-ish if you're a local) on a 10,000SF+ lot, so from what I have read chickens should be A-OK in all ways except by the HOA's rules. Any information or advice is appreciated, I really want this home but I ALSO really want chickens!

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