getting antsy aboutmy chick order--update, THEY'RE HERE!!...


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Mar 10, 2008
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it was sent from Meyer Monday afternoon. they are still not here. I called the PO and he said that they had some chicks on the early truck, but they were not mine, and perhaps they would be on the afternoon truck-- he asked my name and number, and said they would call as soon as they saw them. The PO here and the next town over (the guy I talked to this morning) are great with the chicks, it's the other bozos that they have to go through that I worry about. The last order I got, the ladies at my PO discussed whether or not it would be ok to open the box and give them water-- they decided against it-- you know, federal law and everything. They had them right up front at the desk though, chirping away, and everyone gathered 'round when I opened them up. I just get worried waiting on my babies.

ETA: I got the tracking# from Meyer, and PO doesn' have any info except that they were sent from Ohio Monday afternoon!
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Hoping they arrive safely!

See, this is why you need an incubator to hatch your own chicks! Then you can worry for 3 weeks...

I was a wreck last year when waiting for our day olds to arrive as we also have a PO where we dread them getting ahold of packages.

I used to do alot of plant trading, asked traders to mark sent packages with "Live Plants" so the carriers would know to put them in the shade. No such luck...left in the full blazing sun everytime!

Good luck with your babies!

nope, don't want a bator. but I do want my girls to start hatching thier own. Hoping these new girls, at least a few will turn out to be the broody sort. My PO people are really great-- I couldn't ask for better. and to think, they're government employees too! LOL

ok, 20 more minutes until the truck comes in....
Hoping the babies arrived safely!

I completely understand where you are coming from with not wanting an incubator and letting the broody hens do the work, as I was there this time last year (now the proud mom of a HovaBator circulated air 1583).

I was lurking here, not yet a member, and when we ordered our day olds we ordered two broody bantam breeds...Silkies and Cochins.

The babies arrived May 14, 2007...began laying in mid October...and we were thrilled!

Then it happened...we had an early cold snap (for TN, anyways) and the girls of both breeds decided it was time to go broody on us. We weren't set up for babies at the time and didn't want them being broody. I broke down and sold the 5 Mottled Cochins because of their broodiness, to a family who absolutely adores them. The Silkies are Skip's personal favorites and I knew I'd never talk him out of selling them.

Now that spring is in the air, I resigned myself to letting one of the broody Silkies go ahead and hatch out a clutch of eggs. What happens...the 3 Silky girls are getting back into full-time egg-laying and forgettin' they were ever broody!

I'm not trying to talk you out of what you want to do...I'm basically saying don't be surprised if you ever change your mind!

We've gone from wanting "eye candy" to helping a dual-purpose, light breed make a come back (Silver Spangled Hamburg ) and that raising chickens can do this to you, too!

I won an auction bid, this past winter, for some Red Golden Pheasants. I never saw it coming when we first ordered our day-old chicks! I was blind-sided when I showed Skip a pic of them and he said..."we should have a few of those". We'll start on their aviary in the next two weeks if the weather cooperates.

It's a madness that Skip and I embrace, together!

Welcome to the addiction!

I called the post office in the next town over yesterday morning (they go there, and then to the county po's). The lady, Susan, on the loading dock took my name and number and said she would call as soon as she saw them. I told her that they had been sent on Monday-- she "OH MY! they need to be home!!". They were not on the 2pm truck, and the next truck was comming at 6:30. I was going to be in town from 6-9 or so for church... no call during church. On the way home she called (9:30), and said she had my chicks, and would meet me in the PO lobby.

I got there, and we opened them, they were all alive! I counted them at home, and I have 26 (ordered 25) cornish x, and 26 (ordered 25) mixed brown egg pullets. Looks like a good variety-- I have 4 buff somethings, maybe 6 Welsummers-I hope that's what they are, a couple that look to be Delawares, some either doms or br, and some that I think are Cuckoo Marans. some exiting possibilities anyhow!

Susan said "I hope you don't mind, I couldn't call you thinking some of them might be dead, so I pulled up the corner and peeked" LOL She said the driver told her that the box was turned up on the side when he got it-- he straightend it up and carried it up front with him (about 1 1/2 hour trip with 52 noisy chicks!)-- they were the only chicks that came on that truck. She said there were LOTS of chicks on one of the other trucks, but none were mine. I think she was as eager as I was to get the box open and check them out!

I told you I had good PO people-- just the goobers before them that worry me!

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