getting chicks SOON! starting a new flock what breed?


9 Years
Aug 1, 2010
Mount Vernon, WA
Im adding on to my flock of two
! What breeds should i get? Im getting about 8 more, im looking for docile, medium sized, good egg laying birds!
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I vote for buff orpingtons. They are docile, friendly, good layers, and they sometimes even go broody. I must however make note of one exception to the definition of docile: my favorite BO hen has the obnoxious tendency to aggressively growl at, tear off, and run away with my hair band whenever possible. You've been warned; there are exceptions.
Australorps are good sized, usually pretty docile (mine are, and they are pretty 'chatty' and love to talk to me!), and they are very good layers of nice tan eggs.
If ya wanna go a bit bigger, you can go for Jersey Giants (my personall fav!), they lay nice, big, tan eggs and are VERY docile. Even my roos are exceptionally calm and nice.

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