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  1. Have finally made some good progress and DH ordered posts to be delivered next week when he is off...made a good deal on 100' of 1" welded wire.

    Hopefully we will be able to move our chicks out to the run SOON! Plans now are to move their Chick-n-Hutches out to the covered run which will be a Fort Knox--welded wire, wire apron, concrete curb with wire embedded under the fence, etc.

    There are 3 age groups. The largest group is 11 chicks age 8 weeks old. Plan is to let these have free access to the run . Next group is 5 BO's chicks age 9 weeks. Plan is to leave these in their Hutch for a week or so then try to mix them. Oldest are 6 RSL chicks age 12 weeks; plan is to put them in the chicken tractor in the run...we will see how things go.

    Does this sound feasible?

    The coop is not ready but they can be closed up in their hutches within the run until it is redone--gotta cut a people door from the run to the coop, put a window in where the present door is for ventilation, add a floor and roosts.
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    Those ages are close enough so that you shouldn't have much of a size difference, right? Should be ok as long as they have enough room. Figure 10 square feet per bird. The other thing I sometimes do as pecking order issues are getting resolved is to put up a bunch of "bully baffles." These are just vertical objects that the bullied chicken can run and hide behind to get out of view. You could use anything, even cardboard boxes, and your hutches themselves inside the run will serve this purpose, also.

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