Getting Cochins from a hatchery?

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    If so, I would suggest you go through Cackle. I got a few batches, and purchased chicks from people who got them from hatcheries, and the ones I got from Cackle and the best looking, best type and best colour, considering they were from top breeders. I was also happy with my mcmurray ones, however their straight run, was not so straight! All boys, so sad. handsome, but still boys nonetheless. Anyway, if it is inappropriate to say the following, please edit me out mods--- but the cochins from mt healthy were homely. granted they were in someone else care for 3 weeks, BUT they are small, scraggly and not full and bushy like my cackle cochins. Cackle was straight run, with it being more closer to 50/50. Healthy and gorgeous, from day 1. And the customer service was great too. Well that is my 2 cents worth.
    As always, if you have the option of a breeder, take it! well worth it! But I was real happy with my cackle chicks. [​IMG] Good luck!!

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