Getting ducks used to be handled?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by chickenphile, Apr 10, 2009.

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    Jun 8, 2008
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    We recentlly got 5 ducks at the feed store. 2 Pekins, 1 Rouen, and 2 indian Runners. I am unsure of the sex of them yet. They are very excitable and I try to pick them up and hold them but they seem to want no part of it.

    I do try and handle them at least twice a day but they squirm and quack constantly when I touch them. It seems like they are going to have a heart attack when I put my hand it there brooder.

    Granted I did not get them to be held all the time but for eggs but I know the kids will want to hold them when they get older. I am used to our chickens that let you pick them up without a struggle.

    Is it the breed of ducks I have or are all ducks like this? I am hatching some Welsh Harlequin eggs from Webfoot also and was wondering if this breed will accept handling

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    Partly it is the breeds. Pick them up anyway. If they have a health issue later and you have to handle them, you want them be at least somewhat manageable.

    The 2 "teenager" ducks I have still act like you are going to murder them when you first pick them up, but they calm down. I have been trying to teach them the "up" command, but they apparently think "up" means run around like an idiot until you are tired and you can't get away from mom :p

    They ARE getting better over time though.

    My little baby buff/khaki mix (1 week old) is the only duck that has ever bitten me. The little turd has it's mother's bad attitude, so I blame that on genetics and not necessarily the breed.

    Welsh Harlequins are supposed to be a mellower version of a khaki. That breed will be the next type of duck I get. I am hopeful they will be less dramatic...LOL

    Handling them as much as possible is in their best interest whether they like it or not. Just don't take it personal if they don't cooperate.
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    Howdy! well runner ducks are kinda like mallards they have a natural fear of humans. the pekins are some of the nicest and they tame fast. i suppose the rouen could be tame same as any duck but it takes YOU! to tame them you got to give them A LOT of time love and care and they should tame up I'm not an expert but that's how i tamed mine and mine was the same way

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