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6 Years
Jun 29, 2013
My first time... I have 14 chicks/chickens that are 3 months old now. When can I expect to get eggs from them? I read in an earlier thread to keep them on the chick food w/med until then. Just curious when they start to lay eggs!
Hi there.

I start to wean my girls from chick crumb to growers pellets at around 6-7 weeks, then from growers to layers pellets at 16-18 weeks.
Some breeds lay much later than others, and if the weathers getting cold some chickens will hold of until Spring to start laying.

I would expect eggs from the earliest of 4 months, usually around 5-6 months :)
6 months is the general average but depending on breed and quality of breeding anywhere for 4-8 months is still in the normal range.

You can switch them to a grower or non medicated starter now if you want and then to a layer when they are actually laying. A layer is made for laying hens, it does not help them start to lay.

I actually never switch to a layer I just add calcium (oyster shell) separate from the grower feed. Up to you and the make up of your flock.
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