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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by buckrut, Jun 14, 2011.

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    Will be getting our first round of chickens this weekend and have to many options. Can I get some recommendations? I've met some great people that have helped me through all my petty questions and issues but I'm at teh final stages. I can seem to find people with 5-9 month old hens as they seem to be the highest demand. I have our "set up" for older birds (not chicks) but seem to be able to find 2-3 month olds pretty easily. Can you raise 2-3 months olds as older birds? Other than the obvious timing of getting them to lay eggs is their any advantage of getting birds at any specific age? PLEASE HELP
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    Either age group would work well for you, I think. I do think it is helpful to start with older chickens if you can get them if you have never had chickens before. Do make sure that the birds look healthy, with clear eyes and dry noses, no sneezing or runny drips. They should have shiny, healthy feathers.

    Age can be deceptive, so if you buy 2 month old hens, you can tell they are two month olds as they are not as big as a full grown 4 month old hen. And that would give them a bit of time to get adjusted to their new coop/run. And it will not be long until they are laying. If you want eggs immediately, buying the 5-9 month old hens would be your best bet. However, depending on who you are getting them from, it is very difficult to tell the difference between a 1 year old hen and a 3 year old hen, and the egg production will be vastly different.

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    Have you decided on what breed you would like? That is the issue I had. I grabbed some year old mixed birds and decided I wasn't happy with the egg size. So I then purchased some bigger breed egg layers and when the time comes they will be better size for the dinner menu.

    My next purchase is going to be chicks that are dual purpose birds again so next year I can have eggs and fresh meat.

    Lots of options good luck.

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