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    Jul 26, 2008
    Stroud, Oklahoma
    I am signing up for the NPIP program in Oklahoma. Does anyone know where to get your flock tested for Typhoid - Pollorum? Does the state take care of that when you sign up? Do any of you participate?
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    The state vet's office does it free in missouri. You might call your npip rep for your state.
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    I want you to know that I am looking into NPIP testing and that Polluarum thing-disease.

    I found someone in the club, a poultry tech...I sent a PM and her husband, A Poultry Tech, responded. Our States differ...mine, his, and yours, but his information is good...passing it along. I was asking about that disease and needing to cull my birds, and how can I get the needed test cheap...

    HE SAID:
    This is XXX's Husband. I am also a poultry technician here in PA. I would suggest that you contact the (YOUR STATE) Department of Food and Agriculture they can do a pollorum plate test with only a small sample of blood without culling your birds. You can contact Avian Health Program 1-800-491-1899, they should be able to help you out. I am not sure about the cost but it should be the cheapest way to get it done. I got the contact info here (THIS IS CALIF'S INFO) there might be additional info of use to you there. Please be sure to tell them who you have incubate and have them follow up with testing the incubators and brooders at thier facility as well as everyone they hatched eggs for as well. The best way to get this under control now is to have the state test all birds that went through that facility and cull any that test positive. I do not recommend culling anything that did not test positive. the only way to
    prevent this in the future is to practice strict biosecurity and have your birds tested at least once a year.

    here is a link to pollorum signs & symptoms

    hope this helps and keep us posted.


    And so, I hope you got something good from this.

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    Hello fellow Okie!

    You need to call the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture and ask about the NPIP program (National Poultry Improvement Plan). She will eventually send you to a secretary that knows about the plan! lol! Once you get to her (her name escapes me right now) she will help you set up a date.

    UNFORTUNATELY, this last time I had to call every 2 weeks as nobody came out. I'm only available on weekends, so either they showed up during the week... either way, my birds eventually got tested. They will test your birds for AI and I believe Newcastle, as well as PT. When all is said and done, you need to send $5.00 along with your NPIP application to the Department of Ag.

    Here is a link for the application:

    After they receive your information, they will wait for the test results and when all is clear, they will send you your NPIP certificate and number.
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    [​IMG] HaHa, good luck!! I am having the WORST time trying to get anyone down here so I can stay NPIP certified! I have been in the program for years, but now no one feels like coming here to test my birds for 2009. And I have a show coming up in a week or so that my birds are entered in, and I have to start selling & shipping eggs and birds on March 3rd! I am so disgusted with the Dept, of Ag and their NPIP program!!!! I am supposed to be in the 90 day AI program! Well, now that's expired! It's as if we live in an active volcano! So now what?? Lawsuit against the MDA for ruining my business, show career and happiness? Letter to Congressman? God this makes me so MAD! [​IMG]
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    I am happy to say that in FL, I have a direct phone number for my state tester, and I see him throughout the year. I call and it's a done deal. No waiting and no hassles.

    Each state is different how they handle testing. In my area of FL we have a good team working for us, and it's free. Some states won't test you, some charge you an arm and a leg and your best from the flock for it, others you have to take the birds to them I've heard.

    Here's the NPIP National site:

    I recommend that you start with the email link found at the bottom of the page under "How to become a participant in NPIP..." search your state out and contact them, give them your phone number. If that doesn't get you a response, try this link for the head's of the state in question: (it's a PDF file with all states listed.)

    Good luck, I hope this helps and I support NPIP! [​IMG]
  7. Funky Feathers

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    Jan 15, 2009
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    Well I finally got them to come and test my birds after complaining to their higher-ups. Sometimes you have to go over people's heads to get anything done. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I believe I am all greased up now! Lol!

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