Getting into a mathematical/puzzle solving mindset

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    Aug 25, 2010
    So, I picked a major that is heavy chemistry, with the accompanying need to pass Calc...but I find myself struggling with numbers. Anybody have any ideas of how to start seeing the places where things fit (if that makes any sense)?

    My math teachers says that math is like sports, and you need to practice practice practice to get better.....which I understand. With chemistry, I'm having the same problem...seeing where things fit with numbers and shapes (doing organic, had the number prob with previous classes). After about 3 weeks of classes, I'm officially failing two, which is a place I'm NOT USED TO BEING and can't afford to be.

    With respect to language, which I'm good at, you can read every day, put subtitles on the movies....many many things to improve your skills. How can I find a way that won't take away from homework (I spend hours on math, and will now be doing the same with chem)? They mentioned some IQ increasing puzzles on the news a few days ago that you can do in a few minutes every day. That's the type of idea I'm looking for in general. I need to improve!!!

    edit: I can't seem to think outside the box unless it's a language based course, history, crim justice, foreign language, english etc. But that's pretty much what I need to learn to do to pass these subjects.
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