Getting Keets and Chicks


9 Years
Jan 26, 2011
I'm planning on getting keets and chicks soon. The chickens will be confined to a coop and run and the guineas will have a coop but be free-range during the day. I don't want the guineas to be attached to the chicks and just hang around the outside of the chicken run all day so I was thinking I would need to get one or the other out of the brooder before I bought the other. Does it matter whether I get the keets first or the chicks first as far as not letting them get attached to each other? Thanks!
They figure out that they're guineas pretty fast. Mine (now adults) that were raised with chicks hang out fine with the chickens, but only if there's something in it for them -- like food. Otherwise, the guineas like to be with each other, roaming the ranch.
Rose 66,

This reply may be late. But the experience I had with chicks (9) and keets (5) went as follows. Both were put in the coop at the same time. However they were in separate pens to get used to each other separated by a chicken wire door. When they were old enough to go outside I left the coop door open and a few days later they wondered out on their own. To make a long story short, both the chickens and the guineas now fly out of the pen and free range in their own separate groups. I leave the gate to the pen open and they all go in the coop same time at dusk. Sometimes the chickens go in first sometimes the guineas. One more thing, they all live in the coop together, with nothing separating them.

They wont get attached. Guineas have a different ajenda than Chickens do.... LOL. The hardest part is getting them to come home in the evening to the coop. Guineas would rather roost up in a tree if left to their own devices. Its best to really strongly developed routine and some yummy Guinea treats as enticement to come home to roost. I am planning on raising meal worms for the dinner feast...

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