Getting my coop set up, would love a little guidance...


5 Years
Apr 7, 2014
After going back and forth on coops I finally ended up getting this one. I'll be keeping three chickens, but currently have four chicks (and a friend will take whichever inevitably end up being roosters). I am curious about when I can put the chicks in the coop, though. All of my chicks were hatched on 4/5, which makes them a little over 2 weeks old. I live in San Diego, CA -- which means overnight lows at this point are at about 52 at its worst. If I were to keep a heat lamp on outside would they be okay? Currently they are in a rubbermaid brooder, but they look so cramped (even though they do have enough space for the time being).

Also, after I get the coop set up I intend to use pine shavings inside the coop/nesting boxes. I've read multiple recommendations on the bedding for the run itself, though. Does anybody have a recommendation on what may be most recommended for the run?
Hang a 100 watt flood light in the coop and put the birds in. Lowes sells a red flood light that throws out good heat.

Hang it low enough so they get warm when needed.
Thanks for the reply. I've got a 150W heat lamp light that I got at Wal-Mart, would that suffice for the next few weeks? If they'd be okay this week with that arrangement, at what point would it be okay to stop using the light?

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