getting my Hens to go into the coop


15 Years
Aug 9, 2008
We home built a nice coop with a Run that attaches to it. WELL my Hens are only over a month old now, but looks like they have YET to go into the coop area.. How do i get them into wanting to go inside? they spend there time out in the run, and out side the run when we let them out. But at night they just get up on a high perch in the run area and sleep... Its fine if they sleep in the run area nothing can get in or out. The holes are to small for any thing to get in. But i would love it if they would use the coop.
We had to put them in by hand onto interior roosts the first few nights, and also temporarily remove the roosts in the run. They then figured out inside roosts feel much safer and after a few days went in at dusk themselves.
mine took a LONG time to learn to go into the coop at night, and I have no roosts at all in the run.

I think at a month they are still such silly little babies.

I am pretty sure that they were all good by 2 months of age, definitely by three months old.

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