Getting old... or something wrong??

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    Hi guys,

    Snow White is still acting really off. Shes usually free spirited, and pretty wild. But lately shes slow, and the night she came to sleep in the nest box instead of her tree, I knew something big was up. She has slept in the coop the first 2 night I had her, 30ft up in a tree since then.

    Shes very alert, but slow and lazy. Shes not holding her tail up, just sorta straight out. She usually ranges over a few acres, but has now taken just being content to hang out in a 5x5 area near her nest box. I have her blocked into the screen porch so that I can grab her. She still has spunk when I try to catch her, in the porch shes at least contained.

    Oh, and shes barely eating. Not even the fruit, bread, or eggs.

    Anyway, I had found some white bugs (lice?) on her. So I dusted her, but no change. Any other suggestions? I know the symptoms are vague =/ any suggestions would be great.

    I don't know how old she is. I have had her for at least 3 years, and she was mature when I got her. Is possible shes just getting old?
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    If she had lice on her, chances are she has other bugs too. Lice are very voracious. They will suck the life out of a chicken. So you need to keep up with the treatments... permithryn spray, Seven dust in the dust bath area, clean out the coop really well. Too much bug infestation will kill the chicken. One dusting will not do it. And the eggs of these bugs are all going to hatch a week or 2 later. So you need to keep up de-bugging her before she dies.

    And it is possible if she has external bugs, she has them internally. So you need to get her wormed also. Good luck. [​IMG]
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    YES de-worm and de-louse asap!

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