getting peafowl eggs. help please??


8 Years
Mar 12, 2011
Oak Hills
Ok so I'm getting a dozen or so Peafowl eggs in a week or 2 they will be fresh I've been looking through the peafowl threads and found out alot but I just some confirmation on if I got it or if I need to know more
They are incubated at 99.5 for 28 days,Leave them on there sides and hand turn 5 times a day correct? humidity at 45 till lock down when is that? And during lock down raise it to 60 or is higher better? Oh and what do I feed the chicks? Chick start? Or do they eat a game chick feed like turkeys? Thanks for any info
All sounds good and yes, medicated 20% chick starter. I never had to find out the hard way but from some of the very experienced folks here that the gamebird starter can caus leg problems as they grow.
ok thats great
I treat all my birds with a product called vibactra plus its an antibiotic you drop in the water it has an immunity booster in it and all kinds of good vitamins and minerals is that ok or would just doing the medicated feed be better??

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