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  1. What did everyone else have to do to get the okay to keep chickens on their property?
    I had to go to town hall and get an application and then see the animal control officer for him to sign it and set up an inspection.He is coming tomorrow.I also had to supply them with a letter from all the neighbors who abutt my property stating that I informed them of my intention to keep chickens.
    I had previously talked to the health dept who told me that all I needed to do was pay $5.00 for the permit. But I had to get signatures from my neighbors and I have the animal control officer come to inspect first and then I get the permit.
    He said that he has to inspect the property every fall as well.
    I didn't ask him if there was a limit to how many chickens I could keep but someone at the health dept told me that I was not allowed to have any roosters.
    When I asked the officer if when he came out to look at the property if there would be any restrictions on what size coop I could build, and he said no it all depends on how many chickens you want to have.
    So maybe there is no limit? Who knows.
    I am not sure if thats accurate info or not though since they seemed very confused in there.
    The real fun part was going to the neighbors' house to collect the signatures I need to get the permit.
    The one that I thought would freak out was actually the nicest about it.Very supportive and actually kind of excited about it. My husband almost fell over when I told him how cool she was about it,thats how much we thought she would be against it, so big relief.
    But the one that we thought would be okay with it was pretty apprehensive and gave me the 3rd degree and kept the letter he was suppose to sign.He said I would suggest that if you do this that you don't have more than two.
    I went home and actually started to cry because I was so stressed out.
    Then a little while later he and his wife came to the door with a fruit basket and gave their blessing and the letter.
    I know it was all his wife, she is sweet and probably laid him straight.The thing that aggravates me is he grew up raising chickens and said he like it, so why give me a hard time.
    I knew the last neighbor wouldn't be a problem because we socialize a little and he was fine with it.
    So if all goes well we will get the okay from the inspector tomorrow and be good to go.Now where to hide my chicks tomorrow.............
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    May 17, 2007
    That is life in the People's Republik of Massachuttes.

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    OMG!!!! I live in Weymouth!!! Howdy neighbour!!! [​IMG]
    You have to pay $5 a year for a license for them payable to the town.
    And Officer Curtin, the Dog Officer has to inspect the premises once a year.
    I didn't have to do the letter...until I had to petition to keep my crowing hen...
    Officer Curtin ROCKS!!! He's really a great guy!
    You can TOO have roosters, but they have to be kept quiet and have to be for breeding or showing...but you can be hipdeep in hens! As long as the place is neat and tidy and the birds have fresh food and water and a nice place to stay, there should be no problem.

    I'm so thrilled for you!!!What kind of birdies did you get? How many and where did you get them?

    Put the chicks in the bathroom or the bedroom with the door closed until he leaves...
    The Health Guy, Mr. Marino's, actually pretty good...
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    All that makes me glad I live in the rural country. However, I know that in some neighborhoods animals can be a real problem. You will be glad you are going through with the whole process. Chickens are really neat and fun to keep, and it sounds like your animal control guy is real sensible. Best of luck with your new flock.[​IMG]
  5. Hey, awesome!!! Thanks for the info.I can't believe you live in Weymouth!!
    I talked to Mr. Marino on the phone and he was really nice about it, but when I went to the office he wasn't in and the woman in there had no idea what they were talking about.
    Obviously since they were the ones that told me I couldn't have a rooster etc.
    I left there and went to see David Curtin and he was really cool, my son was with me and he was getting a kick out of him.
    Yeah, the neighbor thing was not fun. I have been living here for 15 years and never had a problem and I would like to keep it that way.
    I actually grew up in weymouth, a mile or so from my house now.
    I live on Pleasant street not far from the general store.
  6. Oh, I forgot, I have 6 black star chicks and 3 Americaunas and I have eggs coming this week, orpingtons, ri reds,nh reds, leg horns, speckled sussex, lakenvelders, americaunas,barred rocks, cuckoo marans.
    I would love some silkies and golden lace wyandottes.
    Its a good thing then that I can be knee deep in hens huh?
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    I'm on the other side of Weymouth, by Pond Meadow Park...
    I've had 2 Leghorns, a Brahma mix, an Easter Egger, and a Silkie/cochin mix...
    The Leghorns are spazzes.
    My Brahma crowed and my Silkie mix was a stubborn little cuss...I just lost her on Thursday to a combination of sickness and a redtail.

    The reason for not having a rooster is "the noise" can't be over 10 decibels above the ambient background noise...if you can keep him "Quiet" then you can have one...I used to have to muzzle Slifer to let her out...but she was more than happy to sit on the floor by my feet and watch the Court shows.

    LOL..You have a nice mix...right now I have almost 6 dozen eggs in the fridge...between Obelisk and Penny...It was a nice change from just Obelisk laying...and Slifer's single contribution of a baby yellow egg...
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    Apr 20, 2008
    Birnamwood, Wisconsin
    I was told in WI you had to register your intentions online with the state and I did...three days later I got a card in the mail that says we are now a registered farm and we are legal to keep chickens [​IMG] That was it. Free of charge and no one said anything more about it. I hope that is all I have to do...I get my chicks on the 23rd of May
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    Mar 20, 2008
    I guess I take it for granted that I don't need a permit to own chickens.
  10. I know huh? I had the animal control officer out to look at my property today he gave me the okay and signed the permit.But I have to get it signed by the building inspector and the health dept.I just got back from town hall and the building inspector wasn't in so I have to go back in a half hour.I asked if I could just leave the form and pick it up after he signs it but the woman behind the counter said she was
    she was sure he would have questions for me before signing it.
    Then I still have to go through the health dept.
    Having lots of fun here.I know it will be worth it but I have been trying to do this for the past 2 days and I don't even know if I will get it all finished today.It depends who is available in both offices to sign the application.
    They said the building inspector will have to come out after the coop is built too and make sure its within guidelines.
    I have to go moving on that coop!!! I keep telling my boys that Mother's day is coming up and it sure would be nice if someone built me a coop.

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