Getting ready to color farm fresh eggs for easter

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    My ladies make about a dozen eggs a day and I was told the brown eggs make good easter eggs as far as nice colors . My wife wants to use the plastic fake ones (that open up for candy treats) for our easter egg hunt.

    Thats fine, but I am using the real eggs. Thats how I grew up. And I think the real ones will make it more of a real easter! [​IMG] So if I color 4 dozen (and I have been saving them up so I have older eggs to boil) eggs and as I remember as a kid we had them out and would eat them throughout the week.

    My question is: How long can hard boiled colored easter eggs stay out of the fridge and still be edible. I remember my mom kept them out on the table alot it seems. Thanks to all.
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    **I found this info on this website: ** Hope it helps...

    Safely Storing Hard-Cooked Eggs

    What is shelf life of a hard-boiled egg?

    Uncooked eggs can be satisfactorily stored in the shell for four to five weeks after they are packaged (so generally at least three weeks after you get them home from the store.) Hard-boiled eggs, however, should be consumed within a week. Why the difference?

    Egg shells are porous. The hen makes up for this by adding a natural coating, but the government insists that eggs be washed and sanitized before being sold, which washes away the coating. The egg processor sprays on a thin coating of an odorless natural mineral oil to reseal the egg. But your cooking washes this coating away, as well, leaving a drafty shell once more, which is susceptible to the invasion of odors, off-flavors, and bacteria.

    Hence the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the American Egg Board, and other egg know-it-alls give you a week to use up your hard-boiled eggs (providing you got them into the refrigerator within two hours of cooking).

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