Getting ready to lay?? Behavoir changes?

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    So I have three gorgeous girls...a Speckled Sussex, Columbian Wyandotte & a Black Australorp. All my girls are 17 weeks old...soon to be 18 weeks, and I've noticed that my Speckled Sussex has had some changes in her behavior. She has gotten more vocal when I walk near her, they are lower and longer "bawks". She has always been my chatty girl, but they have really changed. She also has started to squat a little when I reach into the coop or run. The other thing I've noticed is that she has been (sorry this is graphic and kinda gross) flexing her cloacal opening a lot more, and by looking at the vent it seems to have enlarged QUITE a bit. I've not seen any eggs in the coop or run at all yet.

    Has anyone else noticed these types of behavioral changes in their pullets before laying begins? Also, he waddles and comb have grown a bit and have always been brighter red than her sisters.

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    Its nomal to have some behavoir changes before they begin to lay. From the other things you say the SS is getting ready to start up.

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